Upcoming Shows:

February 10th      Old School Tavern           Greenville, SC                8:00-11:00pm

March 2nd            Wings Etc.                        Boiling Springs, SC       7:30-10:30pm

March 9th             RJ Rockers                      Spartanburg, SC            6:30-9:00pm

April 20th              Pinky's Revenge             Taylors, SC                      8:00-11:00pm

April 27th              Outsiders Tavern            Rock Hill, SC                  8:00-11:00pm

May 4th                 Wingz                               Union, SC                        9:00-12:00pm

May 11th               Old School Tavern         Greenville, SC                 8:00-11:00pm

May 17th               Dry Falls                          Hendersonville, NC        7:00-10:00pm

May 25th               Reubens                          Greer, SC                         8:00-11:00pm

June 1st                Holiday Brewing             Inman, SC                      6:00-9:00pm

June 15th              Social Lattitude             Greenville, SC                7:00-10:00pm

June 22nd             Outsiders Tavern            Rock Hill, SC                 8:30-11:30pm

July 6th                  Warehouse Vaughns    Simpsonville, SC           7:00-10:00pm

July 27th               Pinky's Revenge             Taylors, SC                    8:00-11:00pm

August 10th         Wild Country Saloon      Piedmont, SC                8:30-11:30pm

August 23rd         Dry Falls                           Hendersonville, NC      7:00-10:00pm

September 21st  Pinky's Revenge              Taylors, SC                    8:00-11:00pm

October 12th       Outsiders Tavern             Rock Hill, SC                 8:00-11:00pm

November 9th      Pinky's Revenge             Taylors, SC                    8:00-11:00pm

November 29th    Dry Falls                          Hendersonville, NC      7:00-10:00pm









Many more shows to come for the New Year! 2024 is going to be wild so be on the lookout!!!!